Bare Roots is a skincare brand, founded in Salida, Colorado, specializing in tallow based products sourced from the highest of quality, local ingredients. 

The vision for Bare Roots was to create an authentic visual brand identity that connected with their consumers. We developed a distinct brand persona through modern logo designs, vibrant colors, and contemporary typography, ensuring a consistent brand presence. We took the brand identity and applied it to the packaging design when creating the labels for Bare Roots' line of products, attracting attention and encouraging deeper engagement with the brand and their ideal customer. By infusing personalized elements into the customer experience, such as unique mailers with space for handwritten notes and thoughtful packaging, we fostered lasting loyalty and organic connection with the brand from start to finish. Blending aesthetic style and functionality, we delivered a memorable brand experience Bare Roots' audience.


Brand Naming
Brand Design
Packaging Design
Visual Direction
Customer Experience Strategy